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See What Chinese Can do!

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My mini studio

Just setup a mini studio in my home for product photography. Recently started and need lots of photo for my products. Hope this will give us quality photo with 99% white background. Oh forget to mention I have 3 backgrounds in here; white, black and green (for chroma key).



Ordered RC today. Lots of RC :)

Ordered lots of RC product today. So excited to see those in office. One thing I can’t w8 to see is a gamble. I was thinking to make a camera gamble for long time now. Because when I filming something in hand held mode the output is not satisfying. Now I hope i can make the gamble with the parts for my canon 7d which will give me a stable video in action. Check out the parts images below :




DJI Naza F450 in Bangladesh

Vaterra Camaro from RC Gears

Your Old Books Can help Another

A place in Turkey for putting your old books and giving them to those who can’t afford them. Great Idea!


Baby for adopt


In 1937 baby was hang like this for adopt who didn’t have parents. What do you think about it?

List of Birds in Bangladesh

Download the following .pdf file for all of the Birds list in bangladesh. The list content Bangla Name, English Name and Scientific Name of 650 Birds founded in Bangladesh.

Download : List of birds in Bangladesh

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