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IPv6 Fundamentals

Pro style home made pasta

pastaJust cooked this in 15 min. When I stay alone I try to cook short dishes for me which is good for health and easy to cook. Hear is the ingredients and recipe I used, if you want you can try at home.

Pasta : 1 cup
Minced beef: 1/2 cup or 200 g
Onion: 1 medium size sliced
Black paper: depends on your test
Salt: depends on your test
Mozilla cheese: 100 g grinded
Tomato sauce for pasta: 1 cup
Graham masala: 1/2 tea spoon
Olive oil: 3 tablespoons

At first add olive oil in the frying pen and add half of the onion, graham masala and fry for 1 min until the onion get golden. Then add minced beef and half cup of tomato sauce on it and fry for 2-3 min. Ones the beef become soft enough put it a side.

Now boil the pasta for 5 min. Add little amount of salt on the boiling water. This will make the pasta taste good. Ones done drain all the water.

Now take the frying pan and add rest of the olive oil, onion, black paper and add boiled pasta on it. Mix it well and then add previously cooked beef. Cook or for another 2-3 min.

In the meantime prepare a bowl and add rest of the tomato sauce on it. Then add the cooked pasta on top of the tomato sauce. And on the top of pasta add mozzarella cheese. Then put it in the oven for 2 min in high heat. That’s it. Your home made pasta will be ready.

Bon appetite!

Birds are coming

They started to come. I was put this ded tree branches in the balcony for birds and waited few months for them. Main reason was bird photography. Not this one, the above pic was taken with my phone. Time to time I gave food to them. Now I saw they come almost everyday. Not only this birds, I saw some other birds too. 🙂

Testy tom yam only RM 5 

tom yam
I tried tom yam in lots of places and I never find better then this. This tom yam have some speciality. It’s not so heavy and spicy like others. You will feel a light and smooth flavor of lemon and other ingredients. Every time I go this small “no named” restaurant, I finish the tom yam till the last spoon.

Full moon from balcony 


Taken from my appartment balcony. Like to see the moon when it’s full.

My house cleaner

After tons of research I decide to go for neato robotic. I find it better then other robots available in the market for few reasons. First of all it’s a robot with eyes and brain. Other robots like romba has no brain or eyes at all. They just bounce around randomly and clean the house. It takes hours to clean full house and several places remains untouched and dirty. But neato have a laser in it so this robot can see where to go and what to clean. When I start it, at-first he measure the room and then he clean line by line. No bounce around. Also he do not touch anything, he just go edge of the furniture or walls and clean. The dust box is pretty big too.

One thing I don’t like about this robot is the battery life. My appartment is around 1600sft and he need get changed twice to clean the whole house. But this doesn’t bother me because he do all himself. I don’t need to touch or do anything. He go back to his charging dock, get charged and stat for the exact same place where he left.  I just clean the dust box ones he done with his job.

I think the normal price for this around $399 but I got it from eBay in offer for $299. 😉

There is another issue I just remember is he don’t like big dust like rolled tissue in the floor or clothes like tshirt or bedsheets (carpet is fine). If he go over this the vacuum and the  brush underneath roll it out and get stuck. So be careful if you have something like this laying on the floor you have to remove that yourself. Robot is not gonna help you with that. I think pretty much all cleaning robot  have the same issue.

I scheduled him 3 days a week and in the right time he starts to clean. I love it because I don’t have to worry about home cleaning any more.

First SSD Drive for my R510 server

i got my SSD today whic I was ordered from eBay last week. Here is some pictures of the SSD below . This is first time I am setting up SSD, I hope it will perform much better with my database server as they advertise! 


Modifying my RC station

I was thinking to rebuild my work station for RC. But I am so lazy to do it and after 2 months at last I finish it. Now it’s looks much better 🙂 


Got my new iPhone 6!


Life is a noodles!

As much i try to get over from the problems in my life that much i get involved in the problems. Life is Not easy, and never will be. No matter how much you try.  There is no such a thing called TIME FOR YOUR OWN.

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