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Do you have any WordPress blog? and are you finding some premium them for your WP blog? If the ans is “Yes” then you should check this URL:

there you can find some cool WorePress themes collection. like Photo gallery theme, WP premium theme, Dark theme, Light color theme etc.

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How to block websites in your local network like Office or Home network!

Use the host file…I’ll assume u have XP


Once you have found the hosts file, right click it and select Properties. Uncheck the “Read-Only” attribute (if checked). Click OK.

Double click the ‘Hosts’ file and select “Notepad” from the list of programs to open it with.

Once you have the hosts file open in Notepad, you will see an entry such as:

Your Hosts file will now look like this:

# Copyright (c) 1993-2009 Microsoft Corp.
# This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows.
# This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each
# entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should
# be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding host name.
# The IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one
# space.
# Additionally, comments (such as these) may be inserted on individual
# lines or following the machine name denoted by a '#' symbol.
# For example:
# # source server
# # x client host
# localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself.
# localhost

To block a certain web page from loading, add the following:

Your Hosts file will now look like this: localhost

Add as many web addresses as you like in the same fashion.

Once you are finished, go up to ‘File’ and click ‘Save’.

The web pages listed in your ‘Hosts’ file should be blocked from access. It may be necessary for you to reboot your computer for these changes to take effect.

On a side note regarding the host file….there are numerous sites out there that maintain up to date lists of “Bad / Dodgy” websites for download…its a good way to not get infected with spyware


Edit hosts file in Windows 7 & Windows Vista

This may sound silly suggestion to even post on Windows Reference but will help avoid some annoyance with Windows Vista and Windows 7. The host file is the one where one enters hostname and IP Address pair manually as against being served by a Name server (ex: DNS). As always the “host” file is under C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\ or %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc\ and hence cannot be edited by normal users.

To edit the host file,

Click Start – search for “Notepad”, right-click and select “Run as Administrator”. This should launch notepad with elevated privileges. Now, open the host file from the File menu, edit and save.

This should help!!!

Batman Car!

Kim Kardashian – New Grilled Chicken Salads at Carl’s Jr.


Free Marker Style Icons

Today I found few nice Marker style Icon made by So i just want to shear with you, It is designed in simple marker stroke and they can be applied on any color. You can used them in sketchy or modern design as seen on the iPhone and iPad apps. The download zip includes 20 icons in bitmap PNG (16, 24, 32, and 64px) and vector EPS format.

How to check Dofollow Nofollow Blog

Hey guys,

Welcome to my blog, Today I am gonna show you how you can check if a blog is Do-Follow or No-Follow!


Mozilla Firefox
NoDoFollow Plugin for Firefox

Lets start:

1. Download this plugin for Mozilla Firefox NoDoFollow

2. Install it and restart firefox

3. Now, if you want to check if a blog is do-follow or no-follow  just right click on any part of your mozilla firefox and click NoDoFollow.  All the Do-Follow links turns BLUE and No-Follow turns RED

Thats all!

If you find your blog is nofollow then you can Use this plugins for your WordPress blog. Just Download and active the Plugin from your WP admin panel, Your blog will be automatically Dofollow.

Also you can check the most 10 usefull pluging for WordPress

10 best WordPress plugins for make your WordPress blog best ever.

Hi, in this article you will find 10 best WP plugins that I am using in my blogs. I have over 200 blogs about various topics like Gaming, SEO, Hosting, Health, Sports, Travel, casino etc (You can see all of my blogs here and here). And I use this 10 plugins almost all of my blogs for make an ad spot, automatic Social bookmark submission, Make the blog Dofollow, Google adsense management etc. So let’s see details below.

1. All in One SEO Pack
Optimizes your WordPress blog for Search Engines (Search Engine Optimization).


2. Easy AdSense
Easy AdSense provides a very easy way to generate revenue from your blog using Google AdSense. With its full set of features, Easy AdSense is perhaps the first plugin to give you a complete solution for everything AdSense-related.


3. Kadom Ads Management
Kadom Ads Management is a WordPress plugin developed by Kadom that allow you to manage your banner ads on your blog. You can easily add several ad zones in your sidebar with widgets and on the rest of your blog with a simple PHP function.

With multiple banners on a Ad zone, the banners will rotate automatically and if you want you can tracks the views and clicks. You can also show an empty slot on your Ad Zone with a link to your advertise page. This free WordPress plugin is released under a GPL license.


4. TweetMeme Button

The TweetMeme Retweet button is the defacto standard in retweeting – used by some of the biggest websites in the world including,,,, Wired, Time Magazine and hundreds of other massive brands, in total it is installed on over 100,000 websites around the globe. The Tweetmeme button is a fantastic way for our readers to engage with our stories and signals which posts are a hit with the Twitter community. Easily allows your blog post or page to be retweeted. It provides a live count of how many times your post/page has been retweeted throughout Twitter.


5. WP-PageNavi
Adds a more advanced paging navigation to your WordPress site.


6. WPsocialtraffic
Submit your post automatic in 4 Social bookmark sites. Twitter, Tumbler, Delicious, Diigo.


7. Contact Form 7
Just another contact form plugin. Simple but flexible.
Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup. The form supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so on.


8. Exec-PHP
The Exec-PHP plugin executes PHP code in posts, pages and text widgets.

•    Executes PHP code in the excerpt and the content portion of your posts and pages
•    Configurable execution of PHP code in text widgets (for WordPress 2.2 or higher)
•    Write PHP code in familiar syntax, eg. <?php … ?>
•    Works in your newsfeeds
•    Information about which users are allowed to execute PHP with the current security settings (for WordPress 2.1 or higher)
•    Configurable user warnings for inappropriate blog and user settings (for WordPress 2.1 or higher)
•    Restrict execution of PHP code in posts and pages to certain users by using roles and capabilities
•    Update notifications through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress if a new version of the Exec-PHP plugin is available (for WordPress 2.3 or higher)
•    Internationalization support (english and german included, many more available)
•    Comes with documentation


9. Dofollow
The dofollow plugin for WordPress lets you remove the evil nofollow attribute from your comments.


10. CommentLuv
This plugin will visit the site of the comment author while they type their comment and retrieve a selection of their last blog posts, tweets or digg submissions which they can choose one from to include at the bottom of their comment when they click submit.

It has been found to increase comments and the community spirit for the thousands of blogs that have installed it. With a simple install you will immediately start to find new and interesting blog posts, tweets and diggs from your own blog and community.


So Download this plugins from my site or from the original source and Enjoy. And let me here what do you think about the pluging. If you have any Suggestion about any other plugin you can post the link below.

Top 10 Free Time Wasting Sites on the Net

Some would say that the personal computer and the Internet have revolutionized how much we can accomplish in a day. That may be true, but they have also revolutionized how much time can be wasted in a day. But then again, I would contend that if you are having fun, you are not wasting time. Enjoy my picks for the ten best time wasting sites on the Internet. And don’t blame me if you don’t get anything done for the next few weeks!

1. Falling Sand

This is an absolutely incredible interactive toy. I won’t spoil your fun by giving you details on how to play. Just experiment with everything and realize you can use the choices at the bottom to change your “drawing tool” and rate that things happen. I guarantee you will play with this for hours and hours.

2. Not Pr0n

Not Pr0n is essentially a puzzle game — a very hard puzzle game. But it is also very addictive and a lot of fun. Each new page has a puzzle to be solved to get to the next one. There is a forum where you can find subtle hints to help you when you and stuck — and you will get stuck. The site is very enjoyable and you can waste an enormous amount of time there.

3. Someone keeps stealing my letters…

Imagine the chaos and the fun of having dozens of people trying to spell out words with virtual letter magnets on a virtual refrigerator. Actually, you don’t have to imagine it — just give it a try and you will have a ball wasting more time than you will care to admit.

4. Samorost

If you have not experienced the incredible graphics and engaging point and click game play of Samorost you must give it a try. There are a limited number of levels, so the danger of wasting lots of time is reduced, but there is no time wasting that is so creative unless …

5. Samorost 2

… you count Samorost 2. After you have mastered the original, Samorest 2 awaits your head scratching attention. You will laugh out load at some the bizarre contraptions and pure creativity in this sequel.

6. Subservient Chicken

I refuse to admit how much time I wasted playing with this little gem. Your wish is the Subservient Chicken’s command. Doesn’t this guy ever get tired?

7. Stuff on My Cat

This one is not interactive, but there are so many pictures and many of them will make you laugh so much, that it can take hours to get through the site. The pictures range from cute to bizarre and even if you are not a cat lover it is worth checking out this site.

8. Spirograph

I had a Spirograph as a kid and loved spending hours making amazing geometric drawings with it. Now you can have all the fun without using up reams of paper and ounces of ink.

9. Sodaconstructor

Ever wish you could create a moving robot from masses, springs and muscles? Now you can spend hours playing with the constructor. Create your masterpiece and watch it walk and dance around.

10. SymmetryLab Machine

This is a work in progress, but you can still have a lot of fun and waste a lot of time building animated machines form a simple set of parts.

(Article Source

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