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First Flying Day!

I had a small wish to be a pilot from my child hood time. My mom always insists me to become a pilot when I will grownup. But when I really grown up it was an almost night mare for me to become a pilot because of my surrounding situation.

One boring day (No work) I was thinking what to do now and suddenly the pilot things came to my mind and I just start searching on Google for Pilot training in Malaysia and I found few flying Clubs and institutions, but one of them catch my intention because of the flexibility of the course, pricing and nearby my home. The club name is Air Adventure Flying club. That evening I call the flying club and talk with the instructor about every detail and next day evening I get admitted with the Club. Air Adventure flying club location is Subang Sky Park Airport, Malaysia.

I am happy now! I am becoming a pilot. My mom and dad will be very happy too. My training started and I am flying Cessna 172. So Wish me a luck. 🙂 thanks


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  1. tanvir says:

    dear bro….. its impressive……086…. 🙂

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