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My Cessna 182

One more year

Just passed One more year. Getting ahead in the the death. Still not even see the 1% of the world. How could I finish it before I die?

Any way greetings for new year to everybody, you have a Happy and gr8 year ahead. Enjoy it, Fill it and love it.


Having Fun With Canon Macro 100mm f/2.8 L IS USM Lens

I recently buy the Canon Macro 100mm f/2.8 L IS USM Lens, The extremely fun lens i ever use. From long time I had wish to take picture of small creatures. this lens make it happen. Checkout some pictures below.

Pangkor Camping

Today we are going to Pangkor island for apx 3 days camping. Its so much exiting for me because we will fishing there and cook on the spot. Maybe we will stay the full night in the beach. Accepts this there is also lots of activities like Jungle tracking, Diving, Boating etc. I hope it will be a gr8 journey ever in my island travels. I will keep update the pictures and info about our journey. Wish me luck.

(04/12/2011) Just come back home after 3 days. Nop, it did not happen as i thought because i cant take my car to the island. I did not Know that there is no available cargo ship everyday for transfer the car, so i have to park my car on Lumut. I just take my bag, Laptop and camera to the island. Any way still we had so many fun like Fishing, bike riding, beach walking etc. Checkout the pictures below.

Worlds most beautiful places

Reason why people who work with computers seems to have a lot of spare time

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