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How to check Dofollow Nofollow Blog

Hey guys,

Welcome to my blog, Today I am gonna show you how you can check if a blog is Do-Follow or No-Follow!


Mozilla Firefox
NoDoFollow Plugin for Firefox

Lets start:

1. Download this plugin for Mozilla Firefox NoDoFollow

2. Install it and restart firefox

3. Now, if you want to check if a blog is do-follow or no-follow  just right click on any part of your mozilla firefox and click NoDoFollow.  All the Do-Follow links turns BLUE and No-Follow turns RED

Thats all!

If you find your blog is nofollow then you can Use this plugins for your WordPress blog. Just Download and active the Plugin from your WP admin panel, Your blog will be automatically Dofollow.

Also you can check the most 10 usefull pluging for WordPress

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